How Can I Support Local Nashville Businesses and Artists Right Now?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve gone through quite an emotional rollercoaster over the past month or so. At times, it seems like the bad news won’t let up, and the world is collapsing in on you. Other times, you find yourself holed up inside, forgetting the world exists while smiling at the faces (or just face) across from you, deeply engrossed in a board game you haven’t had time to play in years. 

In the constant news stream of COVID-19, you’ve also probably heard how important it is to support local businesses right now. The economic reality of what we’re experiencing is a humanitarian crisis in and of itself, and the brunt of it is often felt most among local businesses and artists. Annie Lowery, an economy reporter for the Atlantic, recently said, “This is not a recession. It’s an Ice Age.” while sharing that over 20% of the nation’s workforce has lost their job or is losing significant hours. 

So what does that mean for Nashville? 

Nashville has long taken pride in being a haven for the little guys with a booming startup scene, a thriving music and arts culture, and a host to local eateries and shops peppered all across town. This makes Nashville the great city it is today. It also means an even more difficult situation for the Nashville economy and everyone living in it. 

So what can we do? How can we support local Nashville businesses and artists amid one of the most challenging (although not entirely unprecedented) times in the city’s history? 

Buy food and goods from your local grocer/convenience shop

While your large-scale grocery stores are flooded with toilet paper connoisseurs trying out every brand in the game, local convenience and grocery stores are sometimes better stocked these days and need the support.

Order delivery and takeout from local restaurants 

CNNToday, and The Guardian have all recently reported that ordering takeout is a healthy and safe way to support local businesses during quarantine if you take the right precautions. Many local businesses now offer contactless delivery or use Postmates and Uber Eats to deliver their food. Wash your hands before and after eating, and be sure to leave a nice tip to whoever delivers your food! 

 And plenty more! Check GrubHub Nashville for plenty of options. 

Buy merchandise from your favorite artists

Bummed you’re missing that next concert? Missing the times you could go check out the art from your favorite local gallery? Go buy a record, T-shirt, sticker, or painting from your local artists and venues online. The merch will go a long way in helping out all the great people who make life a better place with their music and art. 

Advocate for a better response from our government

The federal government is considering easing up on COVID-19 restrictions, even claiming they want the economy back to normal by Easter. Right when things are starting to look like they might get a lot worse, we seem more concerned about the stock market than about people’s health and lives. Experts predict the move will cause exponentially more deaths. Share posts online, be active in whatever ways you can, and call your representatives and urge them to push back against these actions which would put everyone at risk.

Nashville Congressman Jim Cooper (615-736-5295) 

Governor Bill Lee (615-741-2001) 

Senator Lamar Alexander (202-224-4944) 

Senator Marsha Blackburn (202- 224-3344)

Above all – stay healthy, stay inside, and as always, stay curious. 

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